Blue and Gold Banquet

Lisa gets filesBlue and Gold is the annual event where we honor our volunteer leaders and have a lot of fun. Past years, we have had a cake bake and decoration contest, which resulted in some spectacular entries and caloric dining for all. Many awards are typically given out, including Golden Pair Award, for best leadership by a couple, "Gopher" award to Carolegopher award (left) for most running around for the pack, treasurer's award, with the "big bucks" going to our treasurer. The "Old Fossil" award (below) goes to our Cubmaster, Enzo Glorioso, who has been serving scouting for dozens of years as a Boy Scout leader.Enzo gets Old Fossil dinosaur shampoo New leaders earn our "Leader in Training" award (a golden potty chair). Other award recipients include "Helping Hand" award (a gold "hand" showing the scout sign).

If you are interested in joining our group of volunteer leaders, contact our committee chairman, Rich Deem (Committee Chairman).


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